Sunday, 17 October 2010


Hi, I am starting this blog as a place to record the books that I have collectivised or made available. It will probably be temporary.


When I was away in Siberia, some good people in Newcastle launched a new library, called 'the canny little library'. It is housed in the Star & Shadow volunteer-run cinema, in some specially-built wall-mounted shelf locker things. You can borrow books each Sunday, but it is early days yet and they are still classifying, logging, adding date stamps etc.. to the growing collection.

Being away for almost 3 months means my room and all its contents have a thin layer of dust and it will need some unpacking before I feel it is mine again. I hope that this process will let me identify what things I can now do without, and what things I really should use more regularly. My chief possessions are books, many of which provide the 'bricks' for the shelves that they are kept on. This means many of them are rather hard to read regularly, as I need to dismantle the whole contraption to get them out.

So today I dismantled the shelves, to fetch out books I want to help me make my Siberian fanzine. And waking today with a welcome post-alcohol dreaminess I decided to use the occasion to get rid of some books, and to collectivise some others. So I took 44 down to the library.

The categories of books in the Canny Little Library are:

Environment, Nature & Science
Info for Action
Health, Sex & Relationships
Race & racism
Migration & Borders
Workers' Struggles
Global Struggles
Children & Young People
Prison Struggles

I realised that I had many more relevant books than I wanted to lose from my room & its easy access, so I put them into groupings relevant to the canny little categories and took photos of them. These are what will feature in the next few posts. If you want to borrow one, you are very welcome. Their titles will eventually feature in the canny little catalogue, and I can be emailed. Then i would either take them to the canny little library or arrange for you to come and pick it up off me. Hopefully this is useful to the library in expanding the range of available titles, without overburdening it with too many.

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